Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things are picking up for The Vernacular, website got a minor facelift, picked up a couple new dates for the long winter. Calling around trying to book some more gigs. If you're a band that needs to pass up a date send it to us we'll take it, if you're a club that wants some crowd friendly, high energy rock, delivered by pros at a bargain rate, hit us up!
In other news, it seems some of our original music we'd produced in 2010 is still going strong with online retailers and audio streams. Looking forward to 2012!

Monday, February 22, 2010

(On behalf of SAY UNCLE) I'm just dropping a quick piggy-back blurb on my Vernacular blog. My reasoning is fairly plain, gratitude, both bands are built from talented, fun, hard-working and kind musicians, my brothers, and if I expose or promote one, I prefer to expose and promote the other. I try to get behind all my favorite Northeast based musicians and the region's entertainment industry professionals that support us, these great people are too numerous to list in their entirety; However, you can get a clear picture of who most of them are by visiting a great local music site at

With that said, I want to offer my sincerest thanks to everyone that made it down to Jillian's Saturday! I personally, would never profess having fans, but I have a huge number of very dear friends that extend a great effort to come out for us; moms, dads, students, early birds and night owls alike, all sacrificing sleep, making special arrangements, some traveling long distances and spending their hard earned money to help support us. Thank you so very much for sharing your Saturday night with us! I hope we did a great job for you and if you ever need anything at all; I'll do my very best to come through for you. For those friends that didn't make it out, we'll see you next time! I'm looking forward to a busy spring and summer schedule!! SUMMER!!! :)

A very special thanks to the very talented Chris Dukes and Dave Teta from Moxie and Big Nixon for stepping up for us; along with Ralph Spillenger (Who played virtuoso level southern slide guitar with a beer bottle, I was truly, truly impressed, seriously, wow!), Michelle Swain for capturing some great images (memories) for the Uncle's first big night out and of course Jillian's of Albany for hosting us, the venue and staff are the best around! I had a great time, and on behalf of Scotty Card, Chris St. Hilaire, Chad Balzer, Mike Thomas and myself, I offer our sincerest gratitude! See you soon with The Vernacular and SAY UNCLE!!!! Where you'll SAY IT, yeah, you'll say it!!! UNCLE!!!!!!!

Happy Monday. . .


The Vernacular, Say Uncle, Guitarist. . .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Savannah's this past Saturday Night!

The Vernacular would like to sincerely thank everyone for coming to Savannah's this past Saturday Night! We're very grateful to have been a part of your holiday weekend. We had a blast as we always do! I think it was Dave the sound man that once said "They're drink guys not rock guys!". While that might be at least partially true, I wouldn't want to give the impression that we're drunken idiots falling off stage, so much as, musical ninjas that can put away a few beers and a shot of Jameson here and there. We really just like to have fun!

Mostly, we do what we do to see our friends, unfortunately the conversations are generally limited to my excited announcements of your presence over the PA System (Which, by the way, is my way of telling you that I'm very happy to see you and I'm grateful to know you.) and of course our set breaks, which are rare and short for The Vernacular. We gig to be together as friends doing what we love to do. We gain complete freedom from life's more arduous requirements for a few hours a week and that is all we'll ever ask for. A handshake, a hello, a hug, a beer, and the occasional kiss on the cheek from our female friends are all excellent motivators. So please do come again, we'll do our best to keep the music fresh, with a heartfelt professional delivery. Until next time, go hug somebody and thanks again!


The Vernacular Guitarist

Monday, November 30, 2009

HOTSHOTS in Glens Falls - Thank You!

The Vernacular would like to thank everyone that made it out to HOTSHOTS in Glens Falls Friday night! We had a great time as always and we hope you did too! Great times, great venue, more dates to come in 2010!